Speedy response from product planning to product design, design, prototype, molding, assembly and quality assurance!
1. Inquiries from customers

Please let us know if you have any problems or consultations regarding the products you are about to develop or are developing.
We are looking forward to your call, e-mail, or contact form.

TEL+81-299-57-3055   MAILbethel@mail.bethel.co.jp
2. Meeting with customers

If you need more information about the details of your inquiry, we should be able to visit you for a meeting.

We will be asking you about your product concept. After that, if the details are to be discussed, an NDA contract will be signed as necessary.

3. Considering whether product development is possible in-house

Based on the development information received, Bethel will consider what we can do for you.

"Can we contribute to the manufacturing customers want?"
"Can we provide within the target cost?"
"Can we proceed with the desired development schedule?"

After considering such factors, we will submit you a quote.

4. Design & Product Design

Please provide us with a rough sketch or simple drawing of the product.

"If you ask the manufacturer for design, you might think the finished product looks bad ..."

Since we design products in-house, we can reduce costs by designing products based on product functionality and manufacturing processes.
Focusing on appearance, we design to grab the user's heart.

For products that are expected to be mass-produced, we will create drawings that take into account of the mold structure during prototype production.

5. Prototyping and verification

We will examine the method of prototyping according to the purpose of prototyping, such as confirming the shape, checking the mating, and trying to prototype as much as possible during mass production.

After the proposal drawing is approved, we will make a prototype. We will check not only the dimensional tolerances with the drawings, but also verify the functionality and confirm that the required performance is achieved.

Typically, prototyping and verification are performed several times to ensure quality.

6. Manufacturing / Mold / Molding

We will conclude a basic business contract and a delivery specification agreement before mass production starts.

Product precision depends on how precise the mold is. At Bethel, not only designing with 3D CAD / CAM, but also high-speed automatic machining by machining centers, we work manually on places that should be machined without relying on full automation.
In particular, in the final process of mold production, skilled craftsmen carefully measure the accuracy and finish precisely to prevent defects such as burrs, sink marks and warpage during molding.

At the first molding, product designers, mold designers and molding technicians will be present to confirm that there is no problem with mass production. The speed of prototyping is greatly improved because all the people involved in development can immediately gather at the manufacturing site.

7. Manufacturing / assembly / inspection / packing

Bethel has more than 40 years of assembly technology.
We automate and standardize jigs and automatic machines to assemble parts accurately and speedily.

In the case of managed medical devices, we work in a strictly controlled environment and in a clean room from assembly to packing.

In the case of sterilized products, we propose a packaging form according to the sterilization method.

8. Quality assurance

We obtained ISO13485 certification in November 2015. We have been shipping existing products for more than 10 years as "Medical Device Manufacturing". However, in order to manufacture even higher class medical devices, we have obtained the certification of ISO13485-Quality Management System for Medical Devices.

We will continue to actively develop medical devices. We select medical materials, manufacture in clean rooms, pack, sterilize, and provide regulatory support. Please consult with us in any process from product design to mass production.

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