Prototype production using a 3D printer

Follow the steps below to make a prototype easily with 3D printer modeling.

<STEP1> confirmation of purpose use

We propose the best printer for your purpose

We recommend a printer suitable for the intended use, so please do not hesitate to consult us, including the size of the molded product, the presence or absence of drawings, and the purpose of use.

<STEP2> Prototype Production using data

Even if you don't have 3D CAD data, it's OK!

If you have created 3DCAD data (STL, IGS, etc.), please send it to us. We will proceed to the data conversion work as it is.
If you do not have 3D data at hand, we need to produce 3D data. Please consult us.
If you have no data and you have an illustration-level handwritten draft, please let us know the dimensions you want. Our technical department will contact you for 3D data conversion and finishing consultation. Please feel free to ask us for a quote.

<STEP3> Data conversion

Data conversion - Material calculation

We will convert the data created in step 2 into a format that can be printed out with a 3D printer.
At the same time, we will calculate the amount of necessary materials and support materials, and give you an accurate delivery date.

<STEP4> Data printing

Prototype completed!

If you place an order with the estimated price, printing will start immediately. Please ask us as soon as possible.
We will send the prototype by courier to the address you specify. We manufacture with "ABS Plus resin", which has the same level of strength as general cut products and plastic injection molded products and is strong in warpage, or "Acrylic-like resin" with high precision and strength.

Reference Price List / Option Service

Please see shape, size and reference price. As prices vary depending on density, surface finishing method, etc., please consult us each time. The price example below is the sales price when we are provided with 3D data.

3D Printer Reference Price List

Material: ABS resin

Material: Acrylic-like resin
Product name Volume ABS resin
Value (Modeling time)
Acrylic-like resin
Value (Modeling time)
20mm Cube 8cm3 1 pieces:About  ¥9,000- (0.5h)
3 piecesAbout ¥12,000- (2.0h)
5 piecesAbout ¥15,000- (3.5h)
1 piecesAbout ¥27,000- (7h)
3 piecesAbout ¥28,500- (7h)
5 piecesAbout ¥30,000- (7h)
40mm Cube 64cm3 1 piecesAbout ¥16,500- (2.5h)
3 piecesAbout ¥34,000- (7h)
5 piecesAbout ¥52,500- (11.5h)
1 piecesAbout ¥46,500- (12h)
3 piecesAbout ¥60,000- (12h)
5 piecesAbout ¥73,500- (12h)
60mm Cube 216cm3 1 piecesAbout ¥6,000- (6.5h)
3 piecesAbout ¥90,000- (19h)
5 piecesAbout ¥145,000- (31.5h)
1 piecesAbout ¥75,000- (17.5h)
3 piecesAbout ¥120,000- (17.5h)
5 piecesAbout ¥165,000- (18h)

Printer performance table

Our printers are currently 2 models! We will make a selection according to the application, so please ask us for a quote first.

Product name Dimension Elite Projet3510SD
Body image
Modeling size Max W203xD203xH305mm Max W298xD185xH203mm
Lamination pitch 0.254-0.178mm 0.032mm
Thickness 1.0mm- 0.2mm-
Material ABS Plus resin Acrylic-like resin
Modeling method FDM method Ink jet method
Shortest delivery time About 4 business days
(Price varies depending on shape and lamination pitch)
About 4 business days
(Price varies depending on shape and lamination pitch)

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