IRRI-Tip -Irrigation for root canal

Product name Part number Total length Tip outer diameter
Tip 30G Sideholes Bent X091P1810K 41mm 0.31mm
Tip 27G Sideholes Bent X043P1810K 35mm 0.4mm
Tip 25G Sideholes Bent X035P1810K 41mm 0.5mm

[Reference video] Scene of root canal insertion and dispensing of cleaning solution

It can be inserted smoothly, not damage curved narrow root canal.

It is the most advanced tip for dental use and bio experiment.
It is luler rock that conforms to ISO 594. 25G, 27G tips are developed for dental root canal filling.
It can be inserted smoothly, not damage curved narrow root canal.
It is capable autoclaving. 

Material PP ( PolyPropylene )

Fillings, Bonding, Applicator

Tip for filling and bonding / Straight, Bent

We developed delivery systems and packages that are designed to protect your important products, are easy to handle and which minimize waste.
We especially lots of various tips, such as filling, bonding, etching and irrigations.

[Reference video] Dental filling tip 25G/21G For filling, pasting, dispensing and bonding applications!

Lineup by Application

Product name Part number Total length Inner and outer diameter of the tip
Tip 21G Straight X020P1910K 41mm 0.6mm / 0.8mm
Long Straight X022P1910K 56mm
Bent X021P1910K 41mm
Bent75 X060P1910K
Long Bent X023P1910K 56mm
Tip 22G Curve X050P1910K 32.3mm 0.5mm / 0.8mm
Tip 25G Straight X030P1910K 41mm 0.3mm / 0.5mm
Long Straight X032P1910K 56mm
Bent X031P1910K 41mm
Long Bent X033P1910K 56mm
Tip 27G Straight X040P1910K 41mm 0.2mm / 0.4mm
Bent X041P1910K

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