Syringe 1ml
Our syringe is developed for dental use. It is capable for applying and suctioning a small amount in a narrow space.
The gasket reaches the barrel tip, so it is designed not to waste valuable material. The design is based upon Japanese style, motif of cherry blossoms. There are three different colors to choose from.
Barrel : PP (PolyPropylene)
Plunger : PP
Gasket : Silicon Rubber
Product name Image Color Part number Total length Material
Syringe 0.5ml Transparent X120PL183K 73.4mm PE, SR
Syringe 1.0ml White X113P481K 109.7mm PP, SR
Pink X114P681K
Purple X115P581K
Syringe Cap White X130P19 17.0mm PP, SR
Black X130P29

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