Manufacturing and development

Q1: What is the minimum lot?

It is possible from one. We deal with small lots, many varieties, and a multi-kind with variable lots.

Q2: How long is the delivery date?

In order to provide better products, we value customer satisfaction rather than time. For this reason, we will provide the first try in 45 days from the state in which the shape is fixed, and a good product three months later. As a result, from the product concept, there is a long one that took two years. This is the result of focusing on making products that match the needs of our customers and sticking to uncompromising manufacturing.

Q3: Can you suggest a development proposal?

We specialize in product design and development proposals. We offer proposals from the standpoint of the end user, as well as efficient production at the development stage.

Q4: Is joint development possible?

To date, there are many joint R & D achievements with AIST, universities, technical colleges, and private companies.

Q5: Your company seems to be strong in integrated production, can we ask only for trial production?

Of course it is OK. Process inspections are performed in each individual process, so we also accept requests for prototypes only, molds only, molded products only, and assembly only.

Q6: What materials do you handle?

We mainly deal with thermoplastics. Typical ones are PE, PP, POM, ABS, PC, PBT , various filler reinforced resins (glass, carbon, etc.), PA, other general-purpose, engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, and for medical applications, PE, PP, TPX, etc., . Our company can simultaneously manufacture this high thermal conductivity resin and measure the thermal properties of thermal conductivity.

Q7: Can you make something made of metal from resin?

We will ask you what purpose it is used for and what will happen when you actually use it, so-called purpose and results, and make proposals according to your needs.

Q8: Can you process and manufacture products other than plastic and rubber?

In order to use Bethel most efficiently, total coordination from product design to shipping is optimal. Therefore, we manufacture and procure the parts necessary for products, such as metal parts, plastic parts, circuit boards, screws and connectors, and provide them under strict quality control.

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